August 30, 2016 castlebri

Is home remodeling the right choice for you? This is a very important question to ask yourself before starting down the path of a remodel.

Home remodeling is not right for everyone, and Castle Building & Remodeling understands. Sometimes it makes more sense to move to a new home and that is why we started Save A Castle. Our mission is to buy, remodel, and return Castles to their former glory and make them ready for the next 80 years. Save A Castle is different from most house flippers. Save A Castle actually likes to work with clients and offers Interior Design services. Most flippers don’t want to deal with clients. Save A Castle thinks long term and tries to choose high quality finishes that will last.

If you have decided that moving is the right choice for you check out homes that Save A Castle is currently working on at our website. We focus on the middle real estate market, with homes typically selling between $250,000-$550,000.

If you are interested in purchasing and customizing one of the homes in progress please contact Loren Schirber at 612-877-8375.