March 19, 2012 castlebri

Taking care of your floor with some easy steps will ensure it retains its usefulness and beauty for many years to come. Cork provides the most functional, beautiful flooring available that combines functionality, ease of maintenance, beauty, and environmental sensitivity together. If properly maintained, cork flooring can last for over 80 years, even under high traffic.

Cleaning your floor with regular damp mopping, using a well wrung out mop and mild soap (Ivory Liquid) is all that is necessary to maintain your cork floor. Cork is not easily stained, therefore it does not require scrubbing or use of harsh cleaners.

It is not recommended to allow direct sunlight on your cork floor. Your cork floor will fade when subjected to UV rays. Window treatments are recommended.

Although highly durable, it is not recommended to move or drag heavy appliances or furniture across your floor. Use of felt/fabric backed caster cups or floor protectors under furniture with casters will help preserve your floor.

Both waxed and polyurethane finished tiles can be refinished many times during the life of the floor. An experienced homeowner or hardwood flooring Refinisher/Installer can refinish cork.

The life of the finish directly relates to the care given to the floor. Polyurethane finish can last up to a decade in a residential installation if properly maintained. Polyurethane is an extremely durable surface; however, it will wear if not regularly cleaned. Wax is also a very durable finish, however, it does require periodical paste wax application and buffing. Paste wax application every 12 months is typical for properly maintained residential installations.