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A master suite implies a space that goes beyond a simple bedroom and bathroom. The “suite” can include anything from an extra seating area, a fireplace, or a foyer at the entrance. Some master suites even include a home office. The goal of the master suite is to serve as an oasis from the rest of the home, and it can be an important aspect in a potential home buyer’s decision. Below, we’ll cover a few of the most popular interior design ideas for the master suite. 

Create a Seating Area

Creating a seating area will elevate the space from a bedroom to a suite. A seating area will add both functionality and luxury, and will likely lead you to spend more time inside the room. Whether you opt for a couch or a luxurious chair, a seating area in the suite adds a stately feel.  

Built-in Storage Units

Built-in storage units throughout the suite prevent clutter and allow you to showcase favorite pieces or books, as open shelving gives the space a modern feel. A built-in unit is a particularly good idea for the closet system, as it will free up space to add an island or sitting area within that space as well for additional luxury. 

Wall Art 

Wall art can help segregate the space within the bedroom, and it will add a feel of luxury and style. Playing with texture and design will keep the space interesting and showcase your individual style. If you prefer naked walls, decorative ceiling tiles are another way to add a great dimension to the room. 

Choose an Accent Piece

A grand master suite is anything but a solely neutral space. While you, of course, want to create a calming environment incorporating white solid surfaces in your space, an accent piece can complement neutral walls and bedding to add dimension to the space and add personality. 

Incorporate an Office Space

If you don’t have a separate space in your home that can be turned into a home office, the master suite could be your solution. Even a simple desk and chair will add another element of functionality to the suite, and you can create a pony wall (a dividing wall) to separate work from play. 

Considering an Addition of a Master Suite

If you’re considering an addition to your home, a grand master suite can give you a large return and attract potential home buyers when it comes time to sell. Designing the suite yourself will allow for all of the amenities that you find most attractive, whether that be an office space, high ceilings, or aging in place features such as lowes interior handrails. It’s also a great time to consider a first-floor master suite that’s conducive to aging. 

If the goal of the master suite is to serve as an oasis from the rest of the home, investing in a great master suite will pay off in the long run. The suite provides comfort, privacy, and a sense of luxury that’ll benefit you both in the short and long term. 


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