Project 2434-1

Home Style: 2 Story
Design Style: Traditional
Project Completion Date: November 11, 2014

December 12, 2014 castlebri

Having a well built, classic design this 1965 home has been a space which the homeowners have enjoyed for about fourteen years. To extend that enjoyment for another twenty plus years, this family desired a kitchen remodel which would be utilitarian, low maintenance, and an overall timeless design. Wanting the new design to provide a more open flow from entry/living room a wall, which had separated the two, was removed. In addition, the “everyday” kitchen table area was replaced with extended cabinets and a large center island. The large island provides a welcoming space for guests to perch and chat with the husband who loves baking. While making the kitchen space more functional for everyday use, the dining room was also updated by adding built in cabinets to store seasonal items and display keepsakes. A lower cabinet beneath the window will dual function as both a seating bench and countertop for setting serving platters.