Project 2780-2

Home Style: Mid-Century Modern
Design Style: Mid-Century Modern
Project Completion Date: June, 2023

September 28, 2023 Bailey Strobel

The personalized kitchen was the result of two homeowners that have a deep love for chemistry, sustainability and honoring the mid-century style of their home. Soapstone countertops that mimic the chemistry labs of their current and past where the cornerstone of the design. Elongated hexagon tiles mimic the periodic table and provide a colorful and interesting backsplash for the warm woods of the space. Slab front, cherry grain matched cabinets provide a modern, warm and mid century feeling. Original lighting to the house was kept over the kitchen sink as a nod to the home’s past. Function and storage were added by custom inserts including pull outs, lazy susans, glass front cabinets and a pantry full of storage.