November 29, 2012 castlebri

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Bathrooms are known as one of the best rooms in your house to remodel, as well as most popular (right after kitchen). Whether it’s the master bath, a new bathroom to get your kids out of your space, or maybe a nice guest bath – there are plenty of reasons to give your oval office some royal treatment.

The word remodel may be a little daunting. However a makeover is a simpler form of a bathroom remodel, and normally involves saving the bathtub and possibly the bathroom floor tile. Makeovers range from replacing a bath vanity and countertop to installing new tile and accessories. Visit our Bathroom Makeover Projects page for more information.

Check out our own “BATH REMODELING NOT AS SEEN ON TV.” In this 6 minute flick, we’ve filmed an entire bathroom remodel so that you can see just what happens before you sign up for this project.

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A popular feature to include in your new bathroom is Electric Radiant Floor Warmers! Image a cold Minnesota winter morning, and being able to keep those toes warm as you walk across the chilling bathroom tiles. However putting something electric in your floor has its risk. So before you request these feet warmers, read up on all the precautions!

If you’re not still convinced on why you should remodel your bathroom here are our top 3 reasons:

  1. Bathrooms are one of the most frequented rooms in the house by both homeowners and visitors; leave a good impression by having a representable bathroom.
  2. A remodeled bathroom adds value!! If you were to one day sell your house, an updated bathroom will attract money.
  3. A clean and approachable bathroom means a clean you. If your environment is old and dirty, it is harder to make sure that you are not…well old and dirty!

So if you’re convinced that perhaps you really should redo your bathroom, take a step into one of our 3 great showrooms and talk to our designers!!


Our designers have featured a few of their projects on our site:

House Beautiful always has great inspiration to get you thinking on what your bathroom could become: