April 6, 2020 castlebri

Maximize Your Home Storage Spaces

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. As you put away your winter gear and start reaching for warmer weather items, you may notice a need for better or more organized storage solutions. Here are our best solutions for the most popular rooms in your home to help you achieve your organizing goals.

1. Basement / Storage Room

Basements and storage rooms are one of the best ways to maximize your storage capabilities. Installing floor to ceiling durable shelving in unfinished areas allows you to store long term items you may not need access to regularly.

Another creative solution is to maximize the use of your basement stairwell. If the structure of your home allows for it, consider adding drawers or cabinets along the stairwell for hidden storage that doesn’t take up limited floor space.

Finally, if you utilize your basement for more utilitarian purposes, consider installing custom cabinetry or built ins to fit your needs. They can be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional.

2. Bathroom Solutions

Your bathroom can feel like you have limited options when it comes to creative solutions. One option is to maximize the storage within your vanity. Cabinet drawers can be shaped to fit around the piping for a unique and functional storage space. You could also add hair dryer/curling iron/flat iron holders into the cabinetry, and varying drawer dividers for makeup and accessories to create the ultimate vanity set up.

Another solution is to utilize built-in shelving. Whether its wall-to-wall in an otherwise unused nook or part of the overall structure, built-ins can bring a lot of visual appeal to a room while remaining functional.

3. Kitchen Solutions

When it comes to creating your perfect kitchen, there is more than meets the eye. Once you’ve selected all the “pretty things,” it’s time to think of the functionality. Like a hidden cutting board for easy clean up, as pictured above!

Cabinets can be more than just shelving. Roll outs, lazy susan’s, and drawer pull outs are all popular additions. Another unique option is building your spice rack right into your cabinetry. Knife blocks in drawers, pot/pan/lid storage, tray dividers, the list goes on!

Creating shallow cabinets around your refrigerator takes a potential wasted corner space and creates additional pantry space or even a small broom closet. And then there’s always the option to take a small corner and turn it into a functional wine storage!

While these are just a few ideas of how to make the most of your functional space, there are countless options on how you can maximize your space.