June 10, 2020 castlebri

NARI Welcomes New Certified Remodeling Project Manager

Castle Building & Remodeling is pleased to announce that Steve Carr has recently achieved the prestigious Certified Remodeling Project Manager status.

Before becoming a carpenter, Steve had a boring desk job that was sucking life out of him and turning his hair grey. After a year in the field of showing off his smarts and carpentry skills Steve was promoted to Project Manager. He has been with Castle BRI now for six years.

NARI’s CRPM program measures skill and expertise valued not only by other professional remodelers, but by consumers as well. Highly respected by those who have achieved the designation, the CRPM program identifies professional remodelers who have undergone comprehensive review and testing in areas of business management, ethical conduct, and technical skills.  In addition, they must also adhere to NARI’s strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

We sat down with Steve to learn a little more about what went into his new certification and what that means for his future.

Hannah Husemann, Marketing Manager: Tell us Steve, what lead you to take the exam to become a Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM)?

Steve Carr, CRPM: I love learning and hoped to gain some new knowledge. We were having a slow period and this helped fill some of the void.

HH: And what exactly is a CRPM?

SC: The title of a CRPM professionalizes the role of managing a remodeling project. A CRPM has oversight of every aspect of the remodeling project—project planning, communications, project cost management, quality assurance, risk management and recordkeeping. Those with this designation will be taught to work toward mastering these project components in order to drive end-customer satisfaction and profitability of remodeling projects.

HH: Is there a significant difference between Project Manager and CRPM?

SC: There really is no difference.  I continue to do the same work in pretty much the same way.  The review class put an official name to some of the things I do everyday and on every project.

HH: How do you go about obtaining a CRPM certification?

SC: The first step to attaining the Certified Remodeling Project Manager certification is to complete a qualification form, which outlines an individual’s background of experience and education in remodeling. Eligibility requirements include working full time in the remodeling field for at least two years and passing a comprehensive assessment exam.

HH: How long did you prepare for the exam?

SC: I had a 2 hour class once a week for 6 weeks with assigned reading.  It was very helpful and informative.

HH: How will this newly earned certification benefit you in your career? How does it benefit your place of employment?

SC: I am uncertain how this will benefit me or Castle. During the review class I realized Castle does just about everything right. There are a couple areas to do with scheduling, risk assessment and project audits that I hope to add.


About NARI: The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is the only trade association dedicated solely to the remodeling industry.  The Association, which represents member companies nationwide—comprised of 63,000 remodeling contractors— is “The Voice of the Remodeling Industry.”™ To learn more about membership, visit www.RemodelToday.com or contact national headquarters, based in Des Plaines, Ill., at (847) 298-9200.