November 11, 2013 castlebri

The holiday season is quickly approaching. The gift that is on our minds is the book Once There Were Castles. In this book Larry Millet brings back to life the lost mansions of the Twin Cities. Once There Were Castles presents ninety lost mansions and estates, organized by neighborhood and illustrated with photographs and drawings. An absorbing read for Twin Cities residents and a crucial addition to the body of work on the region’s history, Once There Were Castles brings these “ghost mansions” back to life.

Once There Were Castles is a wonderful holiday gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. The books author Larry Millet has spoken several times at Castle Building & Remodeling’s show rooms. Larry is one of our favorite architectural historians in the region. This book is perfect for a history buff or someone that appreciates beautiful homes or is considering building a 45,000 square foot estate.

Come into any Castle Building & Remodeling show rooms and pick up a copy today for only $39.95 or search online for Once There Were Castles.