March 20, 2024 Bailey Strobel

Opening Your Home to the Outside: Mixing Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces in Your Home

Backyard porches used to be the most popular settings for social gatherings at home, but now everyone’s talking about indoor-outdoor living spaces. They combine features of both to make your house visually seamless. Here are some ways to create the perfect environment, both inside and out.

1. Pick a Purpose


Every renovation job starts with some daydreaming. Think about which space in your home you’d like to change and why. How would you use your back porch if it became more than plywood and screened walls?


Pick a purpose for the space before starting work. You’ll only experience the rewarding feeling of finishing a renovation project if you feel confident in how you’ll use it. If you can’t think of anything, imagine how your loved ones would want to use the new area. Anything’s possible, like a reading nook, a party space or even a family game night area.

2. Mirror Your Exterior Architecture


Merging spaces into an outdoor-indoor room requires making them look similar. Interior renovations would require using the same paint or carpets, but you can go bigger with your upcoming project. Consider weaving your exterior architecture throughout the new space to make a cohesive area.


There are numerous types of exterior architecture for homes, so reflect on your house’s outward appearance. If it has pointed arches and stone walls, it might be a Victorian Gothic house compared to the massive porticos on neoclassical revival homes.


When you’ve found your home’s architectural style, draw inspiration from it for decorating. You could replicate the siding’s color in your new flooring or match your decor to the shade of your shutters. Everything will match without looking identical, creating the visual cohesion necessary for a fantastic project.

3. Replicate Your Interior Furniture


You don’t need to start from scratch with your new furniture. Get inspired by what’s already inside your home before decorating your indoor-outdoor living space. You could use a patio table and chairs that match your kitchen set. Use the same color shades if the exact materials don’t hold up well outside. A cherry table would work with cherry wicker outdoor chairs and make your home look professionally styled.

4. Dream Big About the Space’s Functionality


How would you use your newly mixed space if budgeting wasn’t an issue? If your dream is an outdoor pizza oven and an oversized dining table for all your loved ones, get a stand-alone oven and a table slightly larger than the one inside your home. You’ll make any dream possible by figuring out what you want and making it work for your home and budget.


Functionality also requires comfort. No one wants to use an indoor-outdoor space where they get sunburned while reading a book or chatting with a friend. A simple addition to block shade could improve your property and lower your energy bills while doubling your home’s usable space. It would block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause sunburns and shelter people from rain. Strategic functionality makes any room more usable, which is the biggest benefit during home renovations.

5. Make Socializing Central


Imagine your loved ones hanging out in the living room. They wouldn’t be able to comfortably socialize if your furniture faced two directions. Remember to make socializing central in your newly combined space. Turn seating toward each other so conversing is easy. Even if that means some of your furniture faces away from the primary view of your yard, you’ll have more pleasant future experiences because no one will have to strain their neck to chat.

6. Add Something for Everyone


Interior spaces in your home include things for everyone. Your partner might have their favorite throw blanket over the couch while your teenager has their PlayStation plugged into the TV. Transfer what they love to your mixed space, too. Get a second throw blanket in the same style and add an outlet extension so your teen can play their handheld console while it charges.


Younger kids could have another toybox in your newly created indoor-outdoor living space so they stay entertained while you grill dinner. If your loved ones see themselves represented in the new room, everyone will enjoy it equally.

7. Double-Check Your Lighting


Your newly designed space might look lovely, but will you have enough light to enjoy it after the sun sets? You’ll also need light fixtures on a cloudy day or during an early morning relaxation session with a cup of coffee.


Consider if your space is covered or has walls to block rain or snow. You could use light fixtures such as standing lamps in a covered space. If you have an open area like a California room, place garden lights on the edges or along a decorative path in your yard.


Even if you dream of creating an outdoor-indoor room inspired by the Regency era, you could hang a weatherproof chandelier that adds ornate designs and charm to your new space. The singular lighting addition would change the room’s visuals and elevate it to your desired design style. Whether you decorate with string lights or a fixed lighting choice, they must withstand outdoor weather to last years after your renovation finishes.

8. Utilize Different Textures


Texture is easy to overlook when merging spaces. Interior rooms already have different textures due to carpeting, rugs and upholstery fabric. Outdoor areas might have concrete and waterproof wooden furniture, so add more textures to give both places the same vibe.


You could decorate with an outdoor rug beneath your new furniture and upholstered cushions on any furniture you choose. Decorative curtains block sunlight as the sun sets while doubling your visual textures. The space will have a professionally designed look and match the rest of your home, completing your merging project.

Have Fun Creating Your Indoor-Outdoor Living Space


Anyone can design and build an outdoor-indoor room with tips like these. Think about how you’ll use the space and what will make it match the exterior and interior parts of your house. You’ll create a place everyone will love on whatever budget you set for the project and make the most of it.