2nd Floor Dormer Bedroom

In upper level front of house. Remove roof structure from closet to front main gable. Build new dormer with shed roof (approx 18′ x 12′) so that finished ceiling height matches existing ridge (approx. 6′-10″) exterior wall of dormer will be slightly lower then ridge due to needed roof pitch. Install new electrical for space and finish space with new double hung window on south elevation, match existing trim and new carpet in upper level. Remove half wall at stairs and install standard oak railing. Stair treads and risers to remain as is.

Average Job Cost Low Range*
Average Job Cost High Range*
Design Costs
* Please note these project prices include premium finishes and all labor and materials. By completing some of the work yourself such as demolition or painting and choosing moderate finishes you can expect to reduce costs by 10-20% or more.