Attic Finish

June 9, 2022 castlebri

Convert 375 SF unfinished attic space to a 25′ X 15′ finished room. Includes two new windows and storage space behind kneewalls (unfinished and unconditioned). Foam insulation in ceilings, batts in gable walls. Existing insulation in floor joists of unfinished space. Extend existing HVAC to new space, provide electrical wiring and lighting to code. Retains existing stairs but adds rail and baluster around stairwell. Paint walls, trim and carpet floors.



Average Job Cost Low Range*
Average Job Cost High Range*
Design Costs
Please note these project prices include average finishes and all labor and materials. By completing some of the work yourself such as demolition or painting and choosing moderate finishes you can reduce costs. Every home and project are different and discoveries that add costs are typical through the design and planning process.