Kitchen Remodel and Addition

February 5, 2024 castlebri

Add an 8′ x 11′ addition (88 SF) to kitchen over a crawl space. Siding, soffit, and architectural shingles included. Includes removing load bearing wall to dining room and installing arch or cased opening. Provide and install new cabinets, Quartz countertops and farm sink with single-lever faucet. Includes ventilation system, builtin microwave, appliance install and custom lighting. Includes installing one custom
size wood insert type replacement window, 2 new windows and 1 new back door in the addition. Add hardwood flooring. Finish with the tile backsplash, painted walls, trim and ceiling. Appliances supplied by owner.

Average Job Cost Low Range*
Average Job Cost High Range*
Design Costs
* Please note these project prices include premium finishes and all labor and materials. By completing some of the work yourself such as demolition or painting and choosing moderate finishes you can expect to reduce costs by 10-20% or more.