Two Story Addition

Add a first-floor family room and a second-floor bedroom with full bathroom in a 20-by-16-foot two-story wing over a crawl space. HVAC and electrical to code. Family room: Include a pre-fabricated gas fireplace, (8) 3-by-4-foot double hung insulated clad-wood windows, an exterior door, carpeted floors, painted walls and ceiling, and painted trim. Bathroom includes tile shower, plumbing fixtures, a light/fan combo, surface mount medicine chest, electrical, insulation, sheetrock, tile, millwork, accessories, flooring, painting, and clean-up and debris removal. Bedroom: Includes walk-in closet/dressing area, carpet, painted walls, ceiling, and trim as well as general lighting. LANDSCAPE BY OWNER

Average Job Cost Low Range*
Average Job Cost High Range*
Design Costs
* Please note these project prices include premium finishes and all labor and materials. By completing some of the work yourself such as demolition or painting and choosing moderate finishes you can expect to reduce costs by 10-20% or more.