March 5, 2017 Miriam Rothman

Castle is committed to reducing waste and strives to have the least possible negative impact on the environment.  To that end, the companies Castle utilizes to provide dumpsters all dump and sort each load of debris so that only what is necessary ends up in a landfill.  Although this is a start, Castle would like to offer to our clients who wish to see more of their discarded building products recycled these additional resources.  In addition, by donating used materials to non- profit entities, you may be able to claim a tax deduction.  Here are several resources:





Better Homes & Garbage is a privately-owned environmentally focused (not yet for profit) business. They salvage and collect quality reusable building materials and offer them for sale to the public (via  Viewing and Sales are by appointment only.


Salvage opportunities – If you have quality cabinets, doors, hardware, millwork, lumber, windows, etc. that need to find a way back into use, please contact them at 612-644-9412 or They can dismantle and pick up items from your site or discuss other options on how to keep them in use.




Bro-Tex Carpet Recycling




Bro-Tex Inc. has pioneered the use of new processes and technologies that allow them to recycle used Post Consumer Carpet (PCC) for a variety of applications. They accept carpet directly at Bro-Tex, or through a network of collection centers. At Bro-Tex they thoroughly inspect and test the carpet by type of material and construction to determine where it can be used. The materials from this carpet could become new carpet, plastic resin for making plastic parts, plastic drainage pipe, new carpet pad, acoustic matting, sorbent material for water pollutants or an energy substitute for natural gas and coal.


  • Must be dry, no wet carpet or pad
  • Rolled residential carpet accepted
  • Commercial carpet accepted only with prior approval
  • Maximum 6 feet for width of carpet in rolls
  • Rolls tied with string or twine (no duct tape)
  • Separated urethane foam padding accepted
  • No rubber-backed carpet or rubber pad
  • No carpet tile or other rigid flooring
  • No carpet scraps or trimmings
  • No tack strips, nails, staples or knife blades
  • No wet glue, debris, refuse, rocks or caked mud
  • Minimal loose dirt
  • Absolutely no co-mingled refuse accepted



Carpet and pad from individuals, carpet installers or registered refuse haulers can be delivered to Bro-Tex or one of their other collection sites as shown at




Plastic Recovery Technologies

Wyoming, MN 55092

(612) 910-9431 phone


Recycler of vinyl siding