May 12, 2023 Bailey Strobel

Redesigning Your Backyard For the Ultimate Staycation

Taking a staycation means removing yourself from work and other stressors to enjoy a break without leaving home. Resting now and then is good for your physical and mental health.


Your backyard is the perfect place to create a paradise. Here are twelve features to add to your backyard to create the ultimate staycation.

1.   A Privacy Screen

Create or purchase a privacy screen to set the stage for your perfect staycation. Use bamboo, wood slats, plastic or metal options to evoke your desired aesthetic. Some have ornate designs that make you feel like you’re having coffee at a quaint European cafe or use natural materials to feel like you’re in the great outdoors.


You can create your own with plywood and a nail gun. Another DIY option is to take a lattice screen and use plants to fill in some of the gaps.

2.   A Patio

A backyard patio is an excellent location for grilling, playing and relaxing in the sun. You can easily create your own by placing stones together, pouring concrete or attaching wood planks. A lovely patio is just perfect for your staycation.


Ensure you treat the area for weeds before you place tiles together. If you want a wood patio, remember to get the treated option for a consistent experience.

3.   An Awning

Awnings can help you enjoy time outside on hot, sunny days. You can escape to the shade while still basking in your backyard’s fresh air and scenery.


Purchase or make fixed or retractable options to cover a portion of the yard or patio. Relax in lounge chairs, enjoy meals or read your favorite book while lounging under your awning.


4.   A Water Feature

If you love taking vacations near lakes, waterfalls or the ocean, small and large water features can help you feel closer to your favorite locations. Having a fountain, pond, pool or hot tub in your backyard can also help you get in the vacation mindset. Water is a known relaxer and can help relieve the stress you face outside your oasis.


There are many options and you can make your fountain in just a few steps, making a water feature perfect for your outdoor staycation. You could also install a pond with fish to watch and enjoy feeding.

5.   A Fire Pit

Campfires and bonfires are a part of vacation for many, and having a fire pit in your backyard can help you enjoy cool summer nights. Roast hot dogs, make smores or use a grill attachment to prepare your favorite dinners at night.


You can gather around the pit to share stories and buy another hour or so in the yard. There are in-ground and above-ground options. Remember to check local, state and national resources to know when it’s safe to burn in your neighborhood.

6.   A Picnic Table

Picnic tables can remind you of stopping for lunch on a long road trip or camping at your favorite national park. They are places to eat, play games and converse with your loved ones, and you can bring those moments back home.


There are many options on the market or you can make your own with some wood planks, customizing it to best suit you or your family’s needs. Eating away from your dining table can be a nice change of pace for your staycation.

7.   An Outdoor Bar

A refreshing cocktail or ice-cold lemonade is an excellent option for staying cool and relaxing in the summer sun. Use an outdoor bar to make your favorite drinks. Create a full bar that stays in one location all year or a portable one you can easily replenish before taking in and out of your home. Stock your bar with glasses and ingredients for your favorite refreshments to entertain you and any guests.

8.   Beach Seating

There’s something about resort seating that trumps conventional exterior options. Add beach chairs to your yard to relax and get some sunshine.


Incorporating chairs, towel liners and sun shades can help you feel like you’re resting on your favorite beach. These seats are often easy to move around, which is advantageous if you have a smaller yard.

9.   A Hammock

Hammocks are an incredible way to relax and enjoy your backyard. Hang one between two sturdy trees or get a stand. Gently rocking in a hammock can help your stress melt away.


Ensure you make safety the top priority when adding a hammock to your staycation space. You don’t want a calming experience to turn harmful. Always weight test your hammock before you get in it, and supervise children or people with poor mobility around them.

10.        A Cabana

Adding a cabana to your backyard gives the illusion that you’re in a tropical paradise. Buy or build an outdoor shelter to beat the heat and protect yourself from summer storms.


Cabanas are great places to set up gatherings and make excellent shelters for outdoor kitchens or eating areas. Choose a solid roof with attachments for lights and fans. You can also pick an option with openings to allow some sunshine to peak through.

11.        Sand Court

Bring the beach to you by creating your own sand court. You can make sandcastles, relax on a beach towel or make a volleyball court.


Set up chairs and mementos from your favorite beach or hide shells and toys to create a beach-themed scavenger hunt for children. Make a shallow court utilizing a frame or dig a deep one.

12.        Plants

Incorporating plants into your backyard can help you relax and feel content on a staycation. Tropical plants can thrive in some locations, but if your neighborhood doesn’t accommodate them, having local flora also helps you stay mindful. Plus, it doesn’t have to be just bushes or flowers — you can add fruit trees to create a colorful and tasty yard.

Transforming Your Backyard into the Ultimate Staycation

Enjoying a staycation is a cost-effective way to get well-deserved relaxation without leaving your home. Adding some of these features creates a backyard you won’t want to exit.