November 17, 2022 Bailey Strobel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, full of frosted windowpanes and smells of cinnamon and peppermint wafting from the kitchen. Most people tend to conjure up these images of a warm and comforting home for the holiday season for a good reason. The house is where you host parties, bake cookies and gather for gift-giving.


This holiday season, it’s time to rejuvenate your living spaces to create the best environment for splendid, festive events. Remodeling before the holidays is ideal, but you need the proper preparation and information before diving in. Discover the benefits of remodeling before the holidays and how best to prepare your mind, home and family for the journey.

The Best Remodeling Time of the Year

If your first thought is the holidays are too busy for remodeling, think again. For one thing, the end of the calendar year has the benefit of owning all the savings up until this point. Furthermore, low mortgage rates allow many homeowners to refinance more easily. Money is always an essential factor, so take advantage of bonuses or unused savings for your projects.


The winter months are also a notoriously slow contracting season compared to the rest of the year. This means a contractor will have more time and energy to devote to your project. Their edges may be sharper, fixtures more secure and time estimates slashed to record times. Suppliers are also slowing down for the year, so materials are cheaper than during the busy summer months.


A holiday remodeling job assures you can enjoy a warm, cozy and rejuvenated house just in time for festive parties and present-opening mornings. Making the home picture-perfect and insulated for the coming cold is the best of both worlds.

Possible Renovations For Your List

Renovations can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or new flooring across multiple rooms. Discover what options may be the best for you and your family this year.


Do you need more space to bake cookies or places for people to rest their drinks? A kitchen remodel is a popular option because everyone wants a gorgeous open space for people to chat and eat comfortably. For a kitchen remodel, consider:


  • Installing sturdy and aesthetic countertops.
  • Creating an island to place grazing boards like charcuterie or wine flights.
  • Refreshing cabinets to store ingredients for large meals and leave countertops clear.


A recreation room remodel offers opportunities for people to watch holiday movies together, play card games or even set up sleeping areas for extended visits. To revamp basements, spare rooms and attics for festive fun, try:


  • Updating flooring for a more comfortable space.
  • Adding tables for game nights.
  • Investing in a pull-out couch.


Finally, the entryway is the first impression of a house. Most likely, guests will be shuffling in from the cold and need a place to store their coats and boots. Keeping this area organized and decorated promises a lovely welcome to your home. This year, invest in:


  • A fresh coat of paint.
  • Closet expansions for more coat storage.
  • Mats or rugs on the front porch for wiping off snow.


You may also consider renovating your windows. During this time of year, people always have their windows closed, but this traps moisture inside the home. To maintain healthy humidity and prevent frozen windows, watch what activities increase moisture in the house, like showering, washing dishes and boiling water. If humidity or window frost worsens, you can always call a contractor to inspect your home’s insulation or heating system.

Holiday Renovations to Avoid

Keep in mind that tackling some projects at another time of year might be best. Room additions take the longest to complete and are a complex undertaking. If you are wary of delays, you may want to hold this project for the upcoming year.


Outside renovations like porches and roofs are not advisable projects, either. Because winter weather is so unpredictable, supplies could be long delayed or contractors may take longer to maneuver around heavy snowfall. However, undertaking this task may be fine if your region does not experience icy weather.

How to Prepare and Make Arrangements

It’s time to dig deep into the preparation and arrangements you will need to kickstart this renovation process. In no time, your home will be roaring with life and laughter.

1. Check Your List Twice

Before starting, reflect on how much time you have to dedicate to this project. Flip through your calendar and see which events or gatherings are already popping up. If you have the time, mark down milestones for each stage of the process to help keep you and your contractor on track.


You will also want to employ a budget after getting estimates from the contractor. Have a 10% buffer in this budget and communicate with any partners if a gift-giving budget needs shifting. Check out renovation budget calculators for a deep dive into your project specs.

2. Arrange Temporary Housing

If you opt for a more in-depth renovation, temporary housing might be an option to explore. Living at home while contractors are working requires extra effort into setting up barriers every morning and tearing them down every night. With no people in the house, the contractors can keep this prep installed until they are done.


Research local temporary rental homes and apartments — it could feel like a festive winter vacation. Family and friends may be in the giving spirit and allow you to stay for a week or two as well. Always offer to host them back once the renovations are complete.

3. Decorate Elsewhere

Ensure your decorations are not in the way of power tools and heavy boots. Imagine getting a glob of paint on an heirloom ornament! This year, designate other spots for your delicate and ornate decorations until the coast is clear.

4. Expect Snow and Stalling

Because it is in the midst of the winter, there is a likely chance the weather may halt renovations. Overall, 23% of road delays stem from snow, ice and fog. Even if you live in a warmer climate, supplies may be shipping on icy roads or foggy skies. Leave time in your milestone schedule to accommodate dangerous roads and snowy streets.

5. Have a Backup Plan

Coordinate with friends and family to have a backup plan if renovations exceed time estimates. If this does become a reality, there will be no worry on any end of this project. It might even give you a well-deserved break from juggling decorating, cooking and managing renovations.


If the kitchen is off-limits for your party, you can find other options, like hosting a potluck or hiring a catering company. This year, stay prepared to stay cheery.

6. Cover and Clean

After the renovations are finally done, you still have some cleaning to do to make sure your home is safe and ready for guests. Before the project even starts, ensure the ventilation is monitored and the furniture is covered with a tarp. Have an open conversation with your contractor about safety measures as well.


After the contractor leaves, commit a deep-dive cleaning ritual with these steps:


  • Sweep and vacuum all surfaces. Dust and other particles could fly through the air to different rooms.
  • Mop and disinfect all floors and doors.
  • Vacuum upholstery.
  • Sanitize bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Dust ducts, vents and light fixtures.
  • Remove any debris left over from the contracting team.
  • Invest in an air purifier or air out the house by opening the windows.

Your Future — A Warm, Inviting Home

Keep your holidays cheery and bright with these inviting renovations to your home. Take a moment and imagine the twinkling lights, toasty nights and laughter pealing across the room. These images can all be a reality with the proper planning and renovation of your holiday home.