September 26, 2011 castlebri

At Castle we know the kids really run most households.  We are no strangers to working with growing families and seem to be consistently working with two or three couples who are expecting, just had a child, or are adopting and could get the call any day.  Exciting times and expanding households lead to remodeling and that is why Castle created “Ruler of the Castle!” onsies in 0-3 month and 6-12 month sizes. 

We also know that many young families own homes with little equity, yet still need to add space and remodel and that is why Castle offers many financing partnerships.  Many growing families have utilized a FHA backed 203k loan that looks at the future value of a home after proposed improvements and lets you borrow against that value. 

As your family grows and you get a new ruler of the castle and need more space give us a call.