April 24, 2020 castlebri

The Benefits and Cost of Designing a Home Office

The work-from-home era is at its height, and more people are creating office spaces within their own homes. However, the distinct design of your home office can build to or take away from your productivity, making the creative process a bit tricky. Fortunately, there is a lot of information regarding what works and what doesn’t. Here is what you need to know about devising a successful home office.

How Much Will It Cost?

One of the best things about creating a home office is that you are ultimately in charge of your own budget. Some people may choose to go above and beyond, placing thousands of dollars into the project, but if you are on a cash restriction, you can just invest in the essentials. If you have hopes of expanding, you can always do so when your financial state improves.

With that said: some basics will be required. For example, if you are working in a common business industry such as logistics, marketing, design, etc. you’re probably going to need the following:

A Working Computer (laptop or desktop)

● Wireless components (mouse, keyboard, additional monitor, necessary cables)

● Desk equipment (table and chair)

● Miscellaneous items (office supplies)

This is personal preference, but it’s recommended to have a whiteboard on the wall so that you can list out daily tasks and deadlines and be sure to note any appointments as well. Make good use of sticky notes, tack boards, and anything else that will conquer your attention.

While quantity wise, this may not sound like much. The associated price tag with these items can add up quickly. If you are going to buy all of these items new, you’re looking at a minimum entry cost of $400-700. But that number can quickly climb into the thousands if you’re not careful.

Where Should You Set Up Shop?

If you’re lucky enough to have excess space in your house, there are four obvious answers: spare bedroom, designated office/bonus room, garage, basement or crawlspace, and attic.

Many people are intrigued by trying to turn their unfinished basements or attics into home offices, which is a great place to look. However, you must do your diligence to ensure that the rooms are properly sealed off so your new computer or leather office chair doesn’t overheat or get moldy.

Some home offices are dynamic, and others aren’t even large enough to allow for walking room. Not everyone can spare an entire bedroom to dedicate to their workspace. However, as long as you can fit the necessities into a designated area, a small corner will do just fine. But you should try your best to avoid frequented areas, like dining room tables and living room spaces as it can be quite difficult to separate work from play.

How Does Customization Come into Play?

Remote offices are perfect for tailoring your environment to suit your own needs. For example, if you struggle with back problems, you may choose a bean bag or massage chair over a standard office one. You can place your workstation by a window so that the natural light makes it easy on your sensitive eyes. You can also purchase a lamp with dimming options and multiple settings to adhere to your various tasks.

People also tend to perform better and remain focused when they are free of distractions and are surrounded by decorations to keep them in the mood. House plants, candles, inspirational quotes, photos, and other additions that resonate will make the office feel more like your own. Also, color schemes play a huge part in how well your office works in your favor. The bright hues, like yellow and orange, are leaked to productivity and creativity, while blue helps with focus and logical thinking.

Try to limit your designs to things that are work-related, will restore your mental and emotional state, and will redirect your attention to the task at hand. If you feel like you cannot quite find the magic combination, we offer counsel via virtual appointments to help field any questions you might have along the way. Our designers are equipped to remotely help you design your perfect home office.


When it comes to creating the best space to aid in your productivity, it is essential to keep the proper amount of storage space so that everything is accessible, eliminating the constant need to abandon your station in search of items or equipment.

Making money from home is the dream of the century. And when your remote office is developed properly, you can effortlessly produce your best work without even changing out of your pajamas.

Dominic LoBianco is a content contributor (or guest author) on behalf of Crawlspace Depot. Dominic covers a wide array of topics in his writing ranging from home improvement to real estate financing and everything in-between.