Project 2485-1

Home Style: Colonial
Design Style: Modern
Project Completion Date:

May 29, 2015 castlebri

In the past the homeowner’s had completed a significant amount of remodeling and this bathroom remained the one space on the main floor in need of some refreshing. Not only were cosmetic updates desired but the bath was also experiencing moisture and mold issues. Years past the roof had been re-shingled and the vent was overlaid, trapping the moisture in the home. To fix this functional issue the bath fan was vented properly out the roof. For both form and function, a glass shower enclosure was installed allowing the new, durable, tile shower surround to be a focal point. Considering the way the homeowners use the space a taller vanity, toilet and shower head were installed. In addition, the shower controls were installed on the wall directly across from the shower door providing convenience. Throughout the entire design process the homeowners consistently considered both durability as well as function and style when selection each piece. The result is a beautiful space which will be much more enjoyable to use!