Project 2489-1

Home Style: Mid-Century Modern
Design Style: Mid-Century: Modern
Project Completion Date: March 17, 2015

June 5, 2015 castlebri

This 1950s house is home to a creative family who knows potential when they see it. Having an eye for design the homeowner’s sought to update their main bathroom in a way which stayed true to their mid-century modern home. Along with an aesthetic update, the remodel worked to improve the function of the small bath. Exchanging the pedestal sink for a wall hung sink allows for more clear floor space. Removing the tub allowed a nice size walk in shower to take its place. Incorporating a linear drain in the shower makes the space both accessible and modern looking. A built in cabinet offers both closed storage and an area for display. Overall, this remodel taps into the potential this home has and reflects the family’s fun, vibrant, bold, creative, and modern personality.