May 20, 2022 castlebri

Remodeling Urban Homes:
Maintaining the Original Charm and Including Your Own Personal Flair

Blending the old with the new is perfectly possible when remodeling urban homes

So, are you preparing to buy a pretty older home in the city? First, congratulations! These beautiful homes are usually very charming with their own unique character. However, the more historic the home is, the more challenging it can be to adjust it to your needs. And this is especially true when it comes to remodeling urban homes. 

You want your home to stand out from the crowd but also not to clash with the other homes on the street or neighborhood. In addition to this, you probably want your home to keep its unique appeal and yet be perfectly cozy and comfortable by our modern standards. Now add the showcasing your personality and style to the equation. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? 

However, achieving this goal is far from impossible! With a bit of planning and imagination (and the right help, of course), you’ll be able to tread this fine line with ease. With that in mind, we’ve prepared these valuable guidelines to help you with this task. 

Timeless appeal vs. trends 

One of the most common mistakes when remodeling an older home is relying too much on modern trends. Following the latest fashion trends can be appealing and refreshing. However, it’s much easier to slip from one outfit to another and stay in vogue than it is to do the same with your house. That is why remodeling the whole house requires a lot more attention and planning. 

Choosing a classic, elegant, and timeless look is a much better option. For example, neon pink might be a very fashionable choice, but it’s probably going to clash with your home’s style. On the other hand, choosing a more muted, neutral pink hue will likely accentuate your home’s beautiful and unique features. 


a beautiful old staircase and a window 

Preserve the beautiful and unique features when remodeling urban homes

Structural changes 

Additionally, keep in mind that most of the charm comes from the home’s unique features. The lines and materials, outside decorations, and other architectural features give your home its unique appeal. So, if making some structural changes is necessary, try to keep the most prominent features intact. 

For example, even though repairing the leaky roof is certainly a priority, tearing it down and replacing it completely is not a good idea. Instead, try brushing up on the original design and restoring it to its full glory. Similarly, an open floor plan is common nowadays. But will breaking some inner walls help you maintain your home’s authenticity and ambiance? 

Take special care when remodeling the bathroom and the kitchen 

When it comes to the bathroom and kitchen, you can take a bit more liberty. After all, these are the two most important rooms in a house. You need them to be functional, comfortable, and up to modern standards. While maintaining the old charm is desirable, the main goal is to make them cozy and easy to use. 

Therefore, it’s important to consider your needs first and the design next. Luckily, there are many ways to implement some traditional design influences and create a stylistic cohesion with the rest of the home. Plus, you can add details such as lights, mirrors, shelving, or decor that suit your taste and enable you to showcase your personal flair. 

Make your home safe – plumbing and electricity 

However, there’s no negotiating with plumbing and electricity. Older homes often don’t follow our modern building codes and safety measures. As a result, many things can go wrong if you don’t take the proper care. And the last thing you want is your beautiful home to be flooded or catch fire. 

a wooden cabinet with a lot of decorations 

Choose the furniture pieces that match the time period of your home

What to keep when remodeling urban homes that have a bit of history to them 

While there is a lot you can do to add a personal touch to your urban home, there are a few things you should not change. These are the features that provide the charm and appeal you love so much. 

Wood floors 

Nothing looks so homely and yet elegant, like high-quality wood floors. So, don’t remove them or cover them with wall-to-wall carpet. Instead, refinish them and help them shine. Not only will your house look lovely, but you’ll also save some money. If some parts are damaged, repair them but be careful to choose the right flooring for your renovation. 

Doors and windows 

Doors and windows are the eyes of your home. They provide a peek into your home’s heart. Keep the style and trimming as much as possible. Replace parts of them if necessary, but ensure that the replaced ones match in style with the rest of the home. 

What’s more, you can enhance their appeal with some personal choices. For example, choose the curtains or blinds that accentuate the windows or opt for attractive outdoor lights and decor that highlight the beauty of your front door area. 


When it comes to interior design, choose the furniture pieces that fit in well with the overall period and style of the house. For example, sleek metal chairs may look out of place in your rustic kitchen or antique, baroque furniture pieces in an Art Deco interior. 

So, choose the statement furniture with care, especially the pieces that will be the room’s focal point. However, don’t hesitate to be playful with colors, textures, and materials. That will help you stamp your own mark and make your home truly unique and your own. 

a beautiful blue living room 

Opt for colors and decor that match your taste but don’t clash with your home’s style

Pay special attention to your choice of decor 

Ah, this can be a particularly challenging part when remodeling urban homes! Even a casual glance at Pinterest ideas will make your head spin with all the possibilities. Vases, lights, art pieces, and other items will enable you to include your own flair and make your home special. 

However, be careful not to overdo it. Pay attention to details and ensure the items you choose don’t take away from the beautiful features of your home. Instead, select the pieces that will complement them and enable you to create a bridge between your personal style and the style of your home. 

Of course, when you’re ready to move to your new urban home, ensure you carefully pack all your fragile items, such as delicate lamps or sensitive artwork. Be careful with breakables–use the right materials and don’t try to save on cushioning! That way, all your valuable and beloved decor pieces will come safely to their new address. 

The bottom line 

Remodeling urban homes is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires a lot of care and planning to blend your new home’s charm with your personal style. Of course, a lot will depend on the history of your home, its surroundings, and your unique taste. Follow our tips to avoid some common mistakes and create your dream home.