June 10, 2022 castlebri

Where to Cook When Your Kitchen is Being Remodeled

A kitchen being remodeled.

So, you decided to go with a trending remodeling idea and treat yourself and your family to a shiny new kitchen. It’s super exciting to think you’ll have your own cooking space a la Gordon Ramsey. However, there’s one problem pending – where will you cook when your kitchen is being remodeled? Eating out every day is not the healthiest and budget-friendly idea. So, we consulted some experts to help you with it.  

A temporary kitchen is a good alternative 

The easiest method to manage your kitchen remodeling is to create a temporary cooking space and work from there. You will need: 

  • A microwave 
  • A table on which to work 
  • Access to a refrigerator
  • A countertop oven  

These are the essentials for a temporary kitchen. Experts usually suggest that you set up your temporary kitchen in the basement, provided there is enough room down there for it. Also, it’s located at a sufficient distance from the remodeling, so it will not significantly impact your health. The attic, if made functional, can also be a good alternative. 

An attic as an idea where to cook when your kitchen is being remodeled

Start with the table 

First, place a plastic tablecloth over a table that is 6 feet long once it has been set up. You can go to a dollar shop and get one of those vinyl tablecloths with the fuzzy backing that you would typically place on a picnic table. These are sturdy enough to withstand the remodeling of your kitchen, and they can be quickly wiped clean to maintain their pristine appearance. 

If, on the other hand, you are using an oven that rests on top of a counter, you may wish to remove the tablecloth from the area where the oven is. Some ovens heat up quite a bit, which may cause the plastic tablecloth to melt in such ovens. You might try folding the tablecloth in half and placing the oven on the part of the uncovered table. 

Bare necessities 

Bring just the number of plates, bowls, and utensils that will be necessary. For example, bring four of everything if your family consists of four people, and put the other items away. You will also need some fundamental culinary implements, such as a ladle, spatula, big spoon, paring knife, and large cutting knives. Place a storage container made of plastic or a basket next to your table to use for these items. The rest of the kitchen appliances that you won’t use need t be put into storage while renovating. Storage professionals say you should separate necessary from unnecessary items when preparing kitchen appliances for storage and get them ready before starting anything else in terms of remodeling your kitchen. 

Alternative spaces 

If you have a spare bedroom or dining room, any of them may serve as the location for your makeshift kitchen. But, make sure there is a sink close by wherever you choose so you can wash the dishes as soon as you finish cooking. The use of laundry tubs is ideal for accomplishing this goal! They are often big and deep, making it possible to clean casserole dishes and pots quickly and easily. 

Bring the food with you 

You’ll also need to do some food inspections before all the renovations start. Considering you’ll put a lot of stuff in storage and food is not allowed there amongst other things, you’ll need to use all the food you have as soon as possible. Storage experts suggest that you make a cooking plan in advance that will include all the ingredients you have to remove from the kitchen that’s in the process of remodeling.  

Cook in a different kitchen every day 

Another fantastic suggestion for getting through mealtimes in the midst of kitchen renovations is—to cook for your friends and family in their homes. Why not make this whole process a bonding experience? You could phone your friend and volunteer to prepare supper for your friend’s family three evenings a week. It will not only allow your closest friend to have a break from the cooking she had to do three times throughout the week. This will also allow both families to interact with one another. Bonding time could help you survive and cope with the stress of remodeling and going to work every day. It could be a much-needed respite for both sets of parents and kids! 


A group of friends at dinner. 

There’s no better stress relief than dinner with your friends.

Your parents will love the idea 

What about making the same offer to your parents? Offer them to prepare meals for them in the familiar surroundings of their own house. This particular scenario could be a great bonding experience and walk down the memory lane. You could try to cook your mom’s favorite dish. Your parents will certainly enjoy spending time with you and watching how tables turn in the process. You may even find yourself having a good time while you’re cooking! 

Renovations season can be a BBQ season! 

You may always plan to cook at least part of your meals on the grill, regardless of the season we are currently in. You may prepare quick and simple meals such as hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, or kebabs on the grill. You can also make potatoes on the grill by wrapping them in aluminum foil and cooking them there. Have you ever wrapped sliced vegetables in aluminum foil, sprinkled them with olive oil, and then seasoned them with the spices of your choice before cooking them on the grill? They are just wonderful! During your kitchen renovations, your grill may be your best buddy. Even if you’re having a full house remodel, your BBQ and spending time outside could help you survive the process. 


A man and a barbeque. 

Spending some time outside will be good for your health.


If you still don’t know where to cook when your kitchen is being remodeled… 

Maybe all of the suggested options can’t be applied to your situation. If you don’t know where to cook when your kitchen is being remodeled, there’s still one thing to do. Cook in advance and put those meals in the refrigerator. That way, you’ll have a meal ready at all times, and you will be able to focus on other things and obligations around renovations.