March 16, 2018 Colleen Bursaw
March 2018
New Educational Class: Prioritizing Home Improvements

When it comes to remodeling your home, it can be easy to get carried away with a giant wish list. Ashley Hansen, a Castle designer since 2014, says she often goes to first appointments where clients describe a list of projects they want to eventually do. These projects range from handyman jobs, to exterior replacements, and more focused remodels like a kitchen or bathroom. “Often times, people seem overwhelmed when they’re talking about those things,” explains Ashley. “A person’s budget typically prevents them from doing their complete wish list all at once.”

This common challenge sparked the inception of a new class topic: Prioritizing Home Improvements.

“It’s important to first address home health issues vs. aesthetic issues,” Ashley continues, “That’s where I like to encourage homeowners to start. For example, addressing water in the basement, home mechanics that are not to code, failing exterior materials, and draftiness are projects that need to be prioritized. Ignoring problems like these can lead to a much more costly and inconvenient issues down the road. I prefer to not advise a homeowner to tackle aesthetic issues until the fundamentals are covered.”

Another thing Ashley tries to do is help people understand how to not work backwards. For instance, avoiding doing one cosmetic update when the end goal is to redo the whole room (causing that first cosmetic update to need to be ripped out and redone anyway). People often think they want to remodel a room in phases due to their limited budget… but in the end, doing a whole remodel at once vs. in phases usually saves money.

The photos above show projects from a past client who is a prime example of one who has done due diligence with prioritizing home improvements. Over the years, this homeowner has completed three different, large remodels with the help of Castle. First the exterior, then the kitchen, and finally the mudroom/bathroom/laundry area. Some things the homeowner considered when deciding order of projects included: preserving/protecting the home, budget, aging in place, use of space and what might be the best way to invest in the home’s value.

During the class Prioritizing Home Improvements, Ashley will talk more about functional vs. aesthetic updates and help Twin Cities homeowners create a more concise, actionable list that works within their budget. Sign up on our website to attend and bring your wish list to get expert advice on what you should tackle first.

Get on the Organics Recycling Bandwagon!

Castle is now recycling organics (composting) at our Warehouse / Production Headquarters. And it’s never been easier for you to do it at home as well! Watch this video to find out more.

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